MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

ARK 210 – Arikara Inflectional Morphology

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Understanding of Arikara language structure is essential to teaching the language knowledgably and being effective in the classroom. Proper teaching of Arikara is dependent on a firm foundation in the rules of a language. This course is the primary linguistic introduction to Arikara grammar and particularly its inflectional and derivational morphology (the internal structure of words) and pedagogical approaches to explaining this grammar.  The rules associated with Arikara verbal morphology are one of the most characteristic features of the language and are also a significant challenge for students.

Course Objectives:

To introduce teachers in the effective understanding and use of Arikara morphology so that they are adept at preparing lesson plans and teaching classes using grammatical concepts.

Course Textbooks:

“Speak Arikara! – Level 1 Arikara Textbook”, MHA Language Project, MHA Dept. of Education, 2014.

“Speak Arikara! – Level 2 Arikara Textbook”, MHA Language Project, MHA Dept. of Education, 2016. DRAFT.

Handouts and slides to be provided by the instructor in class.

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