MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND

ARK 101 – Teaching Arikara Level 1 Methods

Course Description: flo

This course is an intensive practical overview of teaching Arikara using active and context based methods. We will learn how to teach basic Arikara words and phrases based on the vocabulary and lessons outlined in Speak Arikara! Level 1 Textbook. The learning and teaching methdology adopted  emphasizes introducing and reinforcing vocabulary with flashcards, props, and Total Physical Response (TPR) methods. We will discuss management techniques for the language classroom as well as using different teaching modalities to address diverse learning styles.

Course Objectives:

To introduce teachers in the effective use active methods for teaching the Arikara language (based on of the TLC Level 1 textbook) so that they are skilled and proficient at preparing lesson plans and teaching classes using the language material.

Course Textbooks:

“Speak Arikara! – Level 1 Arikara Textbook”, MHA Language Project, MHA Dept. of Education, 20161

Handouts and slides to be provided by the instructor in class.

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