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Arikara Keyboard Mobile – Android

How it works…

We are continuously building and improving mobile phone apps so the Arikara language can be spread throughout developing technologies. The Arikara Keyboard – Mobile allows for texting and typing with letters from the Arikara alphabet. Follow the instructions below to install.

Go to Settings > About > System Update > 4.4.2 minimum
Next go to Settings> Language & Input > Current Keyboard > Choose Hidatsa
Finally set the default keyboard to Arikara Keyboard – Mobile

App versions for Apple phones coming soon…


The goal is to provide a keyboard for texting, e-mail, note taking, etc. We want to empower everyone who is interested in the Arikara language with the ability to communicate in the native language and help fuel the growth of culture.

Download From Google Play

~Arikara Keyboard – Mobile~

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