MHA Education Dept., New Town, ND


Our Language. Our Survival.

At MHA Nation we believe that the strength and health of the Arikara community depends on the vitality of the Arikara language. Our language conveys our traditions, our ways of being, and our stories.  Today, our language is in danger of being lost, but we are fighting to keep it alive.

We are working hard to make new textbooks, to train fluent speakers in the latest teaching methods, and to build new technology – all to help preserve the language. Our goal is to produce as many fluent speakers of Arikara as we can!


I like the Institute. Everything I learn here I take home to my kids and pass it on.

MHA Summer Institute Participant

We believe that the strength and survival of our tribal nation depends on the nurturing of our language, cultural, social and spiritual knowledge.

This is an excellent initiative and very beneficial to our language revitalization efforts.

Hidatsa Language Teacher


MHA Nation is continuously working on new projects to strengthen culture and improve outreach to surrounding communities.

Arikara Keyboard Mobile – Android
Arikara Keyboard Mobile – Android
10 June, 2015 in  Highlights
Arikara Textbooks
Arikara Textbooks
10 November, 2014 in  Highlights


We’re thrilled about the new Arikara Vocab Builder – play your way to better Arikara vocabulary skills! Now available for…

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